Hi! I’m Bernadette,

A life coach, entrepreneur, artist, adventure enthusiast, and unshakeable optimist.

Not long ago, I did not believe it was possible to have the career, lifestyle, and relationship of my dreams.

I discovered coaching when I was pretty close to rock bottom in life. I was in the midst of breaking off an engagement, I hated my job, I was living paycheck to paycheck, and my physical, mental, and emotional well being were at all all time low.

Fast forward to the present, and I have truly created a life that I love.

I’ve always craved freedom, flexibility, fulfillment, and impact.

In the past, I’ve felt trapped by not knowing which direction to go in life. I thought I had to find my one passion and pursue it full force. I though I had to prove that I was good enough and earn my worth every step of the way.

Through coaching, I discovered that life isn’t about working within your limitations and circumstances. It’s about having it all.

Business Manager

Ghost Writer

Artist–studied painting and Italian in Rome for 2 semesters

Personal Fitness Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Medical Assistant for rural underserved populations

Life Coach

World traveler, oftentimes alone (how many countries)